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“We provide the simple solution to a global problem of creating better and safer roads for people, industry and communities everywhere.”.

About us

Global Road Technology (GRT) is a world-leading specialist in innovative dust control and dust suppression solutions. Applications for our advanced polymer products include major road, construction, resource and infrastructure projects around the world. Since our formation, we’ve been committed to delivering superior safety outcomes and cost-effective dust control solutions for our clients. As a world-class polymer engineering company, we have achieved a global reputation and success across multiple industries around the world.

What we do

When it comes to advanced polymer technology that achieves superior dust control and road stabilization, GRT constantly sets the standard. Our scientifically formulated liquid polymers are highly sought after within the mining, commercial, industrial, agricultural, military and government sectors. In fact, they play a key role in overcoming almost every kind of surfacing issue that impacts the safety of roads – even under the most demanding conditions. Best of all, our patented technology allows for more cost-effective and safer roads to be delivered much faster than conventional methods, so you save time and money.

Our reputation

GRT is a truly global engineering company with 18 affiliated offices and over $500 million in projects currently under construction or in pre-planning around the world. You’ll see our advanced products being used in projects far and wide across the globe, from Australia, South East Asia and India, to the South Pacific, as well as North and South America. In fact, each day we produce and ship over 40 tonnes of dust control products to all corners of the globe.


Approving and Supporting Regulatory Compliance Practices and Principles

Hours required for a trained crew of 4 to construct 1 mile of road
Number seconds before another person is killed or seriously injured on the world’s roads
Tonnes of soil stabilization and dust control product GRT produces daily
Proven cost saving percentage GRT products can achieve
Miles of road currently under GRT management
Number of soil specific formulas GRT currently produce

GRT’s dust control and soil stabilization solutions deliver OPEX Savings of 37%, let us show you how. Request the GRT CBA model independently compiled by leading accounting firm Deloitte.



GRT has a very simple, yet compelling vision. It is to rid the world of the deadly scourge of road and construction-related deaths. This vision keeps us motivated to deliver innovative dust control solutions that address this tragic and very common issue. As a result, we aim to continually improve safety for all users – from heavy industry and workers right through to the community. We believe this vision will continually drive us towards developing lasting and more affordable dust control solutions that also respect the environment. t.


We believe our mission not only defines us as a business, it separates us from our competition and provides the platform to make the most of every opportunity within the field of dust control. It will play a key role in attracting new business, delivering greater value for shareholders and creating a workplace that promotes employee growth.
Our mission is to provide effective dust control solutions that create better, safer workplaces for people, industry and communities right across the world.


GRT has a core set of guiding values and principles that will help us achieve our mission.


We believe in treating people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust. As a financially responsible corporate citizen, we are also committed to the health and safety of the environments within which we operate. Furthermore, we continually practice the highest ethical and professional standards.


Teamwork is at the heart of all we do. We are firmly committed to achieving common goals together on every occasion. We take great pride in collaborating, listening and sharing information within Ensign and with our clients. Importantly, we believe in always presenting a consistent and complete corporate image.


At every opportunity, we encourage personal development and professional growth within our organisation. The pursuit and achievement of excellence through innovation and continuous improvement is what we strive for day in, day out. While this drives us forward, we also gain vital insights and learnings from our successes and failures.